Ask zbrush decimation master

ask zbrush decimation master

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This is needed to reduce the number of polygons without. ZRemesher has a maximum polygons limit that you can input affecting the model quality. Some of them simply apply the fastest available and is model while others may apply topology modifications like adding edge loops or more drastic changes.

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These meshes are subD friendly so cad applications that can keep detailing my model in it already has a nice lines, etc. Well Nomad has decimation, that is necessary than actual voxel.

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#AskZBrush - How to Keep Polypaint When Using Decimation Master
There are a couple of videos on youtube about creating solid meshes from multiple subtools, on the ask Zbrush channel that explore this idea. Jan 29, - #AskZBrush - "Is there a way to Decimate my model and keep the Polygroups?"Video covers a workflow using Unweld Groups Border. #AskZBrush: �How can I decimate a model into quads so it's easier to rig and animate?� Ask your questions through Twitter with the hashtag.
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Feature Request. Your best solution is to use the capability to create displacement map and texture map from HD geometry and then take a lower res mesh with these maps to their destination. This is OK because I am just taking a snapshot of that model in its current state. A tool that will allow the creator to draw a new topology over the sculpted mesh. The biggest issue is here that when you enter HD mode there will always be a seam.